The Summer Research Academy (SRA) is a full-time program for local high school students to engage in scientific research in Georgia Tech’s renowned College of Sciences’ laboratories at no cost to students. Students from diverse backgrounds or those who have been historically underrepresented in STEM are especially encouraged to apply. SRA 2022 will run from June 6th – July 22.

Each summer, high school students are selected from high schools in the Atlanta area and matched with a laboratory in the College of Sciences in their field of interest. Students will become research volunteers in their lab and complete a project from start to finish, including reading scientific literature, planning experiments, analyzing their own data, and communicating their findings in an oral presentation and poster format.

SRA scholars need no prior experience. Students should be local and able to provide their own transportation to campus- we especially encourage students from Atlanta Public Schools to apply. Students must by 16 by the start of the program to participate.

The basics of research are covered in the first week during orientation, where students will learn lab safety, how to read a scientific paper, and how to operate basic lab instruments. The following weeks will be spent with their hosting lab, doing individual projects with guidance from mentors, researchers, and Georgia Tech faculty. In the final week, scholars will learn to effectively communicate their results to scientists and the public in both an oral and written format.